Wood effect

Gx Wall wall panels

Decorating your walls becomes child’s play thanks to these self-adhesive panels!

Flexible and thin adhesive panels that are very easy to install and can mask imperfections on the wall. True-to-life wood decoration, material that is easy to clean... Gx Wall innovation by Grosfillex makes decoration easy for everyone.
Wall decoration has never been as simple as this!


  • Self-adhesive decorative wall panels
  • High-quality result with true-to-life decorations
  • Strong adhesive that guarantees instant long-lasting stick
  • Foam associated with the adhesive to level out imperfections on the wall
  • Strong resistance (solid panel)
  • Embossed surface relief aspect
  • Installation on common materials (plasterboard, tiling, etc.)
  • Offset layout that ensures perfect joints between panels and reduces dilatation
  • Clean and easy to install: only a cutter, metre rule, and a level required
  • Fast installation

Comes in:
• 91,44 cm x 15,24 cm

2 years warranty (TIN, Workline, Essential)
easy care
lead free
pollution and recyclable


Available colours for this product


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