David and Cécile give their living room a makeover

Natural decor in the blink of an eye !
Time to change the living room !

“Commute, work, sleep...” David and Cécile are like all young couples today - they race through life! In this fast-paced rhythm, any moments of downtime are sacred. Living in the city, they dream of going through their front door into their home and discovering a soothing, relaxing space... Their living room at the moment, though, is all white. So today they’ve decided - they’re making a change !

Choosing your cladding

Head for the DIY stores. In Cécile’s head, she knows what style she’s after and what could be more natural and warm than wood? When they ask, the couple discover a completely new type of cladding. To their surprise, it’s vinyl. However, aesthetically speaking, it’s all there, including the grain and the textured look of the wood. There are very few differences, it just doesn’t need as much upkeep and it can be quickly installed. Sold! In terms of the colour, they’re looking for something dark to make it look chic, welcoming and relaxing... It’s got to be brown! All they need to do now is fit it in the car.

Installing it

Work clothes on, David and Cécile are ready! All they need are a spirit level, a meter rule, a cutter and a tube of glue. They’ve don’t even need to prepare the walls. With their instructions in their hand, they start by sticking the finishing profiles in the corner between the ceiling and the wall. After that, it’s time for slate 1, slate 2, slate 3... The living room looks completely different. And after only 3 hours, the 4 walls are complete! It couldn’t be any easier.

A cosy nest

As they’ve planned it all, Cécile is now going to move around the furniture and the plants. For that little touch of Zen, some candles are placed on the table. Comfortably installed on the sofa, the couple enjoys this new haven of peace that they’ve dreamed of. And the makeover was so simple, that Cécile might well do it all over again... While enjoying a drink, an idea crosses her mind: “What if we redecorate the bathroom ?''