Planters and hanging containers

Planters - Tokyo Multikonnect

Exclusive to Grosfillex, Tokyo Multikonnect is the first customisable and infinity clip-on hanging container that allows your hanging containers to be a real bonus for the surroundings

Forget the monotony of hanging containers distributed at regular intervals along your railings. Grosfillex finally offers an incomparable decorative alternative: the infinity clip-on hanging container allows you to plant your balcony with flowers from one end to the other endlessly and even in right angles, combining pots and planters with connectors. Customize your compositions in your own style by choosing formats and colours to assemble.


• All items are sold separately to ensure exclusive customisation: a large hanging container, a smaller one and connectors; everything click-on to infinity!
• Wide choice of colours ranging from invigorating to neutral
• Integrated saucer that ensures retention of water
• Unique multi-position attachment system, which adjusts the inclination of the hanging container for all types of guardrails
• A very strong attachment piece integrated into the saucer of the large planter to ensure total stability between all the elements
• Easy to maintain
• Made of resin
hanging container 43 x 16 cm / capacity: 5.6 litres - tray 16 x 16 cm / capacity: 1.8 litres

Interior / Exterior
UV resistance
bad weather
light product
recyclable PP
2 years warranty



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